Bench Footing is an effective way to add height to your basement.  The original floor holds the exterior foundation wall and footing in place and provides stabilization from exterior lateral pressure.

A new foundation wall is poured on the inside of the original footing, down to the desired depth.  This creates a ledge or bench around the perimeter equivalent in thickness to the depth added.

Unlike underpinning, useable floor space is reduced the deeper one goes.

Benching - Foundation Lowering

Diagram Legend

  1. Joist
  2. Foundation Wall
  3. Footing
  4. Exterior Facade
  5. Grade
  6. Backfill
  7. Undisturbed Soil
  8. Original Floor Height
  9. New Concrete Bench
  10. Drainage Membrane
  11. New 4-inch Concrete Slab
  12. New Interior Drainage Tile in Clear Stone

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