Lateral pressure bearing in on the block foundation wall from outside gradually pushes or shears the foundation wall off  at the bottom block. This moves the foundation wall into the basement interior impairing the load point of the structure above.

Two danger zones are created.  One at the top of the wall at the sill plate and one at the bottom block at the footing.

Additionally, the bottom block may have its interior backside broken off. This further increases the danger of a structural failure at the bottom of the foundation

Block Foundation Shear Process Dangers

Diagram Legend

  1. Floor Joist
  2. Block Foundation Wall
  3. Grade
  4. Exterior Facade
  5. Footing
  6. Basement Floor Slab
  7. Danger Zones
  8. Hydrostatic Pressure
  9. Lateral Pressure
  10. Downward Pressure

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