Bowing or leaning walls in your foundation can be a big problem.  Walls that are being pushed in may crack leading to both water infiltration and loss of structural integrity.

The most common cause of a bowed foundation wall is excess hydrostatic and/or lateral pressure from the soil around your foundation. A bowed wall will continue to get worse overtime until the issue of ground water pressure and proper drainage is addressed.

If your basement foundation walls are bowing or leaning inward or are showing signs of cracking inside or out, contact us for an evaluation.

Foundation Wall Bowing from Pressure

Diagram Legend

  1. Floor Joist
  2. Block Foundation Wall
  3. Grade
  4. Exterior Facade
  5. Footing
  6. Basement Floor Slab
  7. Dangerous Bow in Wall
  8. Hydrostatic Pressure
  9. Lateral Pressure
  10. Weeping Tile (4-inch)
  11. Clear ¾-inch Stone

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