In the diagram below, a bowing wall has been repaired and reinforced with carbon fibre straps. These straps are placed on the interior side of the foundation wall following wall realignment.

Outside, new waterproofing is done using an air gap drainage membrane and foundation coating. This redirects water to the weeping tile, mitigating the hydrostatic pressure which originally caused the bowing.

Top Block View

Concrete blocks strapped on four-foot centres with carbon fibre strapping (interior side).

Top-down view of carbon straps on cinder block wall.


Carbon Fibre Strap Bowing Wall Repair

Diagram Legend

  1. Floor Joist
  2. Block Foundation Wall
  3. Grade
  4. Exterior Facade
  5. Footing
  6. Basement Floor Slab
  7. Carbon Fibre Strap
  8. Delta Anchors
  9. Foundation Coating
  10. Air Gap Drainage Board
  11. Clear ¾-inch Stone
  12. Drainage Weeping Tile
  13. Diverted Water/Pressure

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