Under pinning is a method of adding height to your basement. Unlike benching, more usable floor space nets from under pinning.

As the floor is lowered, a new foundation wall is poured from the edge of the old footing to the exterior edge of the foundation.

Undisturbed soil below the original foundation in union with the former floor provide stability.  A ledge equal to the interior width of the old footing runs the perimeter of the lowered basement.

Basement Lowering Using Under Pinning - Diagram

Diagram Legend

  1. Joist
  2. Foundation Wall
  3. Footing
  4. Exterior Facade
  5. Grade
  6. Backfill
  7. Undisturbed Soil
  8. Original Floor Height
  9. New Concrete Bench
  10. Drainage Membrane
  11. New 4” Concrete Slab
  12. New Interior Drainage Tile with clear stone

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