If your home has a block foundation that is not properly waterproofed, a wet, dank basement can result.

In-ground hydrostatic pressure leads to water pressure pushing against the foundation wall from the exterior.  Cracks in the concrete block along with mortar lines allow water to penetrate, leading to a wet basement.

We apply an exterior foundation coating and drainage board. This forces water down to a filtered weeping tile installed along the footing of the building, packed in three-quarter-inch clear gravel.  Water is then carried through the weeping system and removed from the building envelope by the sump pump.

Waterproofing Technique on Block Foundations Diagram

Diagram Legend

  1. Floor joist
  2. Block foundation wall
  3. Footing
  4. Original basement slab
  5. Exterior facade
  6. Grade
  7. Hydrostatic / water pressure
  8. Flashing
  9. Drainage board anchors
  10. Foundation coating with air gap drainage board
  11. Clear 3/4-inch stone
  12. Filtered 4-inch weeping tile

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