Exterior Waterproofing is designed to protect and stop the transfer of moisture from soils to the concrete wall.

A foundation sealant coating is applied to the wall first. An  air gap drainage membrane (dimple board) is placed over this and a mastic sealant used to seal the top edge and vertical seams.

The drainage board is fastened near the top of the wall with special fasteners.  A four-inch perforated weeping tile fitted with a filter sock and encased in clear stone, is installed along the top of the footing.

Professional waterproofing of a poured concrete foundation (Ontario)

Diagram Legend

  1. Floor Joist
  2. Poured Foundation Wall
  3. Grade
  4. Exterior Facade
  5. Footing
  6. Basement Floor Slab
  7. Flashing
  8. Wall Anchors
  9. Foundation Sealant
  10. Air Gap / Drainage Board
  11. Hydrostatic Water Pressure
  12. Clear ¾-inch Stone
  13. Filter-cloth and Weeping Tile

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