Window Well Drainage Risers are designed to collect and drain water around basement windows.

A perforated drainage tile with a sock is installed vertically from near the weeping tile to the top of the clear drainage stone inside the window well.  The entire run of this perforated pipe is encased in washed clear stone.

The corrugated steel window well sits above the grade and is affixed to the foundation on either side of the window. It is filled with three-quarter inch diameter clear stone to just below the window sill.

The well collects water and the stone and riser drain moves it down to the weeping system far below. From there it is managed through the sump pit and helps prevent a wet basement or other foundation problems.

Window Well Drain Riser Diagram

Diagram Legend

  1. Floor Joist
  2. Foundation Wall
  3. Footing
  4. Basement Floor Slab
  5. Exterior Facade
  6. Window Well
  7. Window
  8. Grade
  9. Backfill
  10. Clear Stone
  11. Window Well Riser Pipe
  12. Weeping Tile
  13. Original Undisturbed Soil

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